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Got an idea? How would you like to work with an award-winning filmmaker who has films available on Netflix, Amazon, and all over the world? A filmmaker who has had films play to sold-out audiences, film festivals, and on streaming devices? If this sounds good to you, then I'm the writer you've been looking for.

I'm a Northern London-based filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in every genre including horror, drama, comedy, action, romance, crime, and thrillers. I've written feature-length films, half-hour comedies, hour-long pilots, short films, and web content.

I'm offering anything from a short film, half-hour television pilot, hour-long television pilot, or even a feature-length film.

If you're looking for a ghostwriter, I'm comfortable with that as well. But it is an extra that needs to be added on to the gig.

Because you're hiring me, you will own all rights to the screenplay unless you prefer something different.

Writing samples available upon request.

Thanks for your time and consideration! Let's make a classic film!

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